Shocked! Gold Medal Big Slab Advertisement Shines on CCTV
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Date: 2019-02-21
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Come out all the time! On February 1st, the Gold Medal tile advertisement officially landed on CCTV News Channel!

Come out all the time! On February 1st, the Gold Medal tile advertisement officially landed on CCTV News Channel!


Elephant, auspicious meaning. As the Chinese New Year is approaching, the Gold Medal large-scale tile advertisement uses elephant elements, which means to wish the people of the whole country happy family, good luck, and happiness full of warmth;

The elephant symbolizes hard work and ability. For decades, Gold Medals ingenuity in product quality has been praised by people inside and outside the industry, because we firmly believe that products are the cornerstone of an enterprise, and product quality determines how far the foundation of an enterprise can support a huge brand. The quality relies on professionalism, but it is also meticulously polished over time;

The big board represents the core strength of Gold Medal. As one of the few brands in the industry to achieve mass production of large plates, Gold Medal took the lead in implementing the transformation of ceramic production from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing". The large slab production line has realized automatic control of the entire line, and the green production process of environmental protection and energy saving has also created ceramic tiles New era of production.


Gold Medal tile 2019 large-scale tile advertisements landed on CCTV13 "News 30 points", "Oriental Space Time", "International Times", "News Weekly", "World Weekly" and other gold programs, relying on high-view national media platforms, golden traffic Resources, and strive to make "Gold Medal Creation" into a high-quality label for Gold Medal, so that the whole country and even the whole world can witness the strong brand strength of Gold Medal.





Only with strength can we create high standards. As the editor-in-chief of the group standard of the "New Ceramic Large Board Laying Process Method", and at the same time lead the national standard kick-off meeting of "Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Large-Scale Ceramic Boards", the gold medal has always mastered the national standards of large boards Right to speak, spare no effort to promote the mature and standardized development of the big board market.


Gold Medal Tiles has always insisted on creating "Gold Medal Quality" tiles, and carefully controlled the quality of products from subtleties. With fifteen years of perseverance in the spirit of high quality, Gold Medal Tiles has won the "Ceramic Industry Advanced Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise" and "China Quality Outstanding Contribution Award" to interpret the quality of the brand as the highest quality product. Respect in all directions.


The value of an enterprise is reflected not only in hard power, but also in soft power. Gold Medal actively undertakes social responsibilities, spares no effort to promote industry transformation and upgrading, and has made outstanding contributions to industry product upgrades and technology upgrades. In the selection of the top 500 Chinese brand values, Gold Medal was selected as the top 500 Chinese brand value 2018 with an innovative high brand value of 9.261 billion yuan, and the brand value continued to rise.


In 2019, the Gold Medal tiles are no longer low-key. For example, the dragon is going to the sea to turn up huge waves, and the tigers go down the mountain. Already started to accelerate the rolling, we have already begun to create the first year of the golden age of gold medal.

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