Summary Meeting|Zhang Xiang: The sharp blade is in hand,don't be afraid of wind and rain
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Date: 2018-09-05
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All the staff cooperate sincerely, go all out to push the porcelain slab, use weapons, and win the market.

In 2018, the international situation is turbulent, the Sino-US trade war is intensifying, and it has a big impact on the domestic economy. As one of Foshan’s pillar industries, the ceramics industry is also unavoidable. Looking at the flowers in the fog is both confused and worried. The courage to overcome difficulties and break through the trend seems to have been integrated into the blood of Gold Medal Tiles. On August 30th, Zhang Xiang, the helm of Gold Medal Tiles, assembled all the members and held an exciting summary meeting to enhance their combat effectiveness. 


We are serious about selling porcelain slab

As we all know, Gold Medal is one of the three companies in the industry that can produce 1.6*3.2 m large plates, but it is by no means satisfied to only produce ceramic large plates. We need to build a ceramic large plate sales channel to provide integrated solutions for ceramic large plates. In order to quickly change from "big plate pioneer" to "big plate leader", a world-class Gold Medal big plate deep processing line came into being. The installation, transportation, paving and application of large boards have always restricted the development of large boards. At the meeting, Li Lianxin, a trainer of the Gold Medal’s Brand Operation Center, took the opportunity to solve the problems of large boards, eliminate doubts, and empower front-line business personnel. Let all the people turn into big board experts.


Consumption upgrade


After meticulous brain training, Tan Tianqian, general manager of the Gold Medal Tile Brand Operations Center, took the current discussion on whether consumption upgrades or consumption downgrades as a starting point, sparked heated discussions, and used detailed data analysis to tell you the current "consumption upgrades" It means the coming of the brand era. Only the strong brand can survive in the changing market. At the same time, opportunities and challenges always coexist. In the difficult times, it is the first step to improve the brand power to achieve the victory of the contrarian breakthrough. Way.



Afterwards, Mr. Tan conducted a detailed summary analysis of the work in the first half of the year and clearly planned the work plan for the second half of the year, and said that the brand operation center will fully cooperate with the sales department in the future to provide good services, so that the attackers will have enough ammunition to win the market. 

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After the meeting, in response to Mr. Zhang's call to sell the big board, on August 31, Mr. Tan led all the staff of the brand operation center to the deep processing line of the big board to learn, broaden the understanding of big board processing, and improve the big board training courses.



Mr. Zhang Xiang: The general environment is not good, strategically despised, and tactically emphasized. All the staff sincerely cooperate, go all out to push the big board, use weapons, and win the market.

Facing the gloomy and gloomy situation in the industry today, President Zhang was calm and calm, combined with the Gold Medal tile itself to deeply analyze the opportunities and challenges of the current brand, and required the sales staff to have a correct attitude, actively embrace market changes, strategically contempt, tactics Pay attention to. After listening to Mr. Tans work report, Mr. Zhang made clear requirements for the work of the brand operation center, pointed out the deficiencies in the work, and requested the sales department and the brand operation center to cooperate sincerely and cooperate closely.


At the meeting, President Zhang clearly instructed the Gold Medal tiles to go all out to make a big board, and made a series of arrangements for deployment. President Zhang believes that the big board will be a weapon for the Gold Medal to take off. As long as the weapons in its hands are used well, the Gold Medal will definitely be able to take the lead in the brutal market fight. There is food in the hand, and I am not afraid, and the blade is in my hand. Why not be afraid of the wind and rain!



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